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Why Easton?


All of the things that make Easton such a wonderful place to live, from our excellent schools to the swaths of maintained public land, could not exist without a strong business community to support the town.  We understand Economic Development is a collaborative process that builds strong, adaptive economies and requires leadership. 

The Easton Economic Development Council plays a critical role in attracting business investment, jobs, and a strong tax base to better their community. Easton is committed to attracting new and supporting existing local businesses through the town's economic development and assistance policies. Easton’s educated workforce, proximity to universities and research is a premiere community for opening and sustaining businesses. 

Over the past decade, the town of Easton has thoughtfully pursued infrastructure and zoning improvements to attract new businesses, restaurants and residential development. From small-town shops to larger industrial spaces, there is a wide range of business opportunities available. . .

  • Washington Place, a 126,000 square foot Class A Medical Park, is located on Route 138 and houses primary care physicians, numerous medical specialists and the region’s first all-digital ambulatory surgery center, including MRI and digital x-ray. 

  • The Easton Industrial Park contains 200 specially zoned acres, with spaces for businesses of all kinds, directly adjacent to Route 24 and represents easy access to Boston or Providence.

  • Easton recently modernized its zoning by creating the Furnace Village Districts comprising the subdistricts Depot Street, Residential Transition, Eastman Street and Business. The zoning is designed to promote new commercial, mixed-use and residential development in a way that helps transform the Furnace Village District into a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use community center.

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