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Economic Development Mission Statement

We understand that Economic Development is a leadership-driven collaborative process that builds strong, adaptive economies. Companies move to municipalities, not states. Municipal Officials play a critical role in attracting business investment and jobs to better their community and promote sustainable growth. An experienced team of business leaders and municipal professionals; we recognize the importance of collaboration between government and business to achieve the best results for you and for our community.


The Mission of the Easton Economic Development Committee is to promote the sustainable economic development of the Town of Easton; to collaboratively seek local and regional opportunities for economic growth in order to both generate employment opportunities and tax revenue; to recognize neighborhood and community concerns during the development of economic policy; to leverage existing infrastructure and facilities to the fullest extent possible while addressing weaknesses through collaboration with the public, businesses, and other governments.


The Easton Economic Development Council meets at least six times per year and reports to the Board of Selectmen at least once annually. The Council assists the Board of Selectmen in implementing the Economic Development recommendations of the Master Plan and other relevant reports. By seeking input from local businesses, boards and organizations, we seek to recommend policies to improve economic conditions for existing Easton businesses, attract new businesses, and aid in their growth or expansion.

Through this website and our other efforts, the Easton Economic Development Council constantly strives to market the Town of Easton in order to attract business development that will maximize tax revenue and create employment opportunities through policy formation and strategic partnerships.


The EDC wants to engage you today. Whether you are interested in opening your first business in Easton or expanding your current operations, we can help you navigate the municipal process to ensure the best possible experience for you and your business.


Call us today at (508) 230-0643 or visit our contact page to set up a meeting.


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