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The Queset Commercial District runs along Route 138 between Belmont and Depot Streets. The district was created in order to encourage economic development and improve conditions in this corridor attracting  private development, while taking advantage of public infrastructure  improvements. Development incentives in this area include reduced setback requirements, greater lot coverage ratios,  coordinated Conservation Commission review and additional allowable building height. Design guidelines ensure all future development adds to the overall quality and value of the district.

The Queset Commercial District study explored ways to promote a suitable balance of new commercial and residential development within the district.  Particular attention was paid to design guidelines and roadway standards that promote public accessibility, while retaining the overall look and feel of Easton’s “small-town” character.  Outcomes of the study include recommendations for improved site design, bike and pedestrian connections, improved traffic circulation, and enhanced street landscaping and lighting.


With easy access to Route 24 and Stonehill College, the Queset Commercial district represents an excellent opportunity for new businesses to access a diverse customer base of students, residents or people passing through town on their way between Boston and Fall River.

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