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Get to Know Easton

Incorporated in 1725, the Town of Easton is located 30 minutes from Boston, 45 minutes from Cape Cod, and 45 minutes from Providence. The community is approximately 29 square miles in area and has an estimated 2010 population of 23,357. Easton is governed by an Open Town Meeting and the executive branch is made up of an elected five-member Board of Selectmen, serving three-year terms. The Board hires a full-time Town Administrator to supervise the daily operations of the government.


Easton has experienced rapid and positive growth over the last decade. Recent development includes the Ames Shovel Works, 3 Washington Plaza, and two major shopping plazas and provides residents with the convenience of shopping at major retailers. There are three supermarkets, easily accessible from any part of Town. The Easton Industrial Park is located just off Route 24. Easton also has an active and vibrant small business community, and the Easton Chamber of Commerce provides services and support to its members. There are a variety of restaurants; both large scale and family style, offering the residents not only fine dining options, but different ethnic traditions as well.


Easton has vigorously pursued infrastructure and zoning improvements vital to business development in the past decade including sewering the North Easton Village and rezoning and sewering the Queset Commerical District along the Rt. 138 corridor. The Town will expand waste water treatment capacity in the Five Corners Area in the coming years, again improving the capacity of existing land owners to maximize the use of their property.


Easton by the Numbers

Throughout the fall of 2013 and early winter of 2014, Dr. Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University's Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy worked with the Town of Easton to produce an Economic Development Self Assessment Tool. This assessment examined Easton's current economic strengths and weaknesses compared to surrounding municipalities.


Easton offers an educated workforce, access to research institutions, competitve manufacturing space rents, excellent highway access, and a safe, attractive community to live in.


Click here to visit Easton's Financial Transparency Center powered by Cleargov for a helpful overview of the Town's financial, demographic and educational makeup.

Please click here for the full Economic Development Self Assessment Report to learn more.


Click here for Brit Page Consulting's study and report on Easton's Industrial Park.



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